You want to become a guide?

That's Amazing!

Earn some extra money while having the time of your life by sharing your unique perspective of the things you love.

Let's get started.
You'll first need to navigate to your accounts page and create a new account here. Make sure you select "guide" as the customer type.
Some follow up items.
You'll need to complete a few tasks after your initial account creation. First, you'll need to set a location for your account, so go ahead and navigate to edit your account for your guide account and set your operating location. This will make you available in that location. Additionally, you'll want to add some branding and details about what type of guide you are. Also, you'll want to create any tours you want to offer.
Going Live.
In order to actually make your account go live, you'll need to get it approved, first. This can take several days, but that will give you plenty of time to get your account set up and some tours created. Some of the requirements needed to make this happen are verification and a background check. This is done to ensure that we have the safest and most secure group of guides as possible.
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